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Услуга Wi-Fi What islaunderette?

The nice ironing and drying quality is achieved by the principally new design of the construction. The features are increased by various ironing speeds, single and thermostatic regulation of temperature. With over many year’s experience, trust us to provide an exceptional service every time.

Do you have a large load of washing that needs cleaning? Perhaps your work shirts need ironing?

At our well known laundrette, we accept all types of clothing and garments, including duvets of all sizes. If you don't have time to iron your garments, then why not take advantage of our highly reliable ironing service?

With a flexible service and quick turnaround time at a competitive price, why not give us a call today?

Ironing is made by the following systems of ironing:

·simple irons, ironing board (customer can use it by himself/herself);

·steam generator (ironing is made by powerful jet of steam, it is done by the administrator);

·ironing press (it is done by the administrator);

·ironing roller (it is done by the administrator);

·Self-service ironing is free of charge (iron and ironing board are made available).

Ironing that is made by our specialist (using ironing press, steam iron or simple one):

· napkin – 2-4 UAH each

· tablecloth 10-20 UAH each

· apron – 6 UAH each

· pillowcase – 6 UAH each

· curtain – 20-30 UAH each

· bed sheet – 15 UAH each

· blanket cover – 20 UAH each

· skirt – 8-10 UAH each

· jeans – 20 UAH each

· shirt, trousers – 30 UAH each

Let’s face it! Not every woman is supposed to be able to iron man’s trousers, so that the creases on them to be kept for a long time. This problem will be solved at our laundry very easily. Do you still hesitate? Then come to us to be believed. For your convenience we’ve got a recreation area with Wi-Fi for internet access.

Administrator in the laundry room will help you get acquainted with the rules of operation at each stage, and if it is necessary, he will pick the best mode for machines. At our launderette administrator will iron for fee for you, and you can relax at this time. You just have to pick up the laundry.

Sometimes, even experienced housewives doubt about the correctness of the choice of the method for ironing of different fabrics.

Sometimes it is so difficult to select the correct iron temperature when ironing clothes and linens. Different fabrics require different iron temperatures. It is of great importance to determine the right location of the ironing board. What has to be done? You can ask our administrator for help. He will share you his experience and explain you how to do any operation and help you iron different items quickly and qualitatively. So you will be told how to iron suede garments or how to fix pleats of your pleated skirt.